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# Clear # Casual  # Communications

A tour about self-fulfilment,self-settlement and self-building.

# 纯粹  # 偶然  # 交流







Service  The Ideal Life Design  

Area      Brand Flagship Store 

Client    Cwhisky


服务      理想生活方式设计

领域      生活方式品牌旗舰店

客户     Cwhisky海口旗舰店 





DEMANDS  理想生活诉求



Cwhisky is a brand of platform that provides more convenient and high-quality cultural exchange and product sharing as well as trading for whisky lovers in China. CWHISKY·Haikou Flagship Store with an area of 500㎡,which is located at the convergence of Nandu River and Henggou River, is the first one of Cwhisky brand in Haikou. It plays an important role in Cwhisky brand concept transmission, cultural communication of single malt whisky, product release, tasting, communication and lifestyle demonstration. It will also be a brand banner in the new Beibu Gulf urban agglomeration that creates a space with a clear future imagination.
Cwhisky is a clear, casual, communicative and carefree space, a new understanding of LICO team about single malt whisky and the brand concept of Cwhisky and anotherinquiry, insight and response to what to experience, think about, update, create and achieve under the current circumstance of material and information surplus of the physical stores.





SOLUTION  理想生活方式设计



Abundance comes from scarcity, and settlement comes from restlessness.
In my opinion, people in the contemporary times are not pure enough. They resist the casual life, neglect communication and shoulder heavy burden, so that they always fall into some unknown fear and try to fill the lack of spirit and emotion through their pursuit of material and rich resources.Obviously, this is not the ideal life and the state that we pursue.
For one thing, LICO cherishes every opportunity to serve lifestyle brands, sincerely hopes to open a door to ideal life and obtain the possibility of explo
Traditional whisky, with pure raw material, is a gift of nature and time. It’s loved and respected by local people and known as “water of life”. The spatial design of the flagship store of Cwhisky in Haikou inherits the gene and spirit of the single malt whisky culture and extends its concept. Based on the concept of 50% design, LICO team focuses the design themes on “abundance and scarcity”“restlessness and settlement” “outer world and inner world” and means to brings a tour about self-fulfilment, self-settlement and self-building to every guest.
“Clear” means clearing mind and open vision, it’s a state of integration of heart and mind without distraction. In an open space, a corridor comes in the sky and leads to the “ego” hall. Escalator is slow in, the body leaning against the window is immersed in the dark. In this situation, one sees the world in the heart and goes into an empty, light, free and imaginative state. Association with whisky focuses on heart-settlement, heart-building so and so.
Space is function, display, guide and art.Whisky is sincere enough, rich enough and warm enough, it can dissolve tension,release pressure without luxurious decoration. All meetings just come as casual. In the world of whisky, we meet Scotland’s abundant water and barley, a charming person, a feast of wine and intoxication, a melodious flute, or a Kelly dance and Highland Fling. Finally, we find a mature self by accidental visit, accidental discovery, accidental acquaintance and other accidental events.
No doubt, whisky is a best spiritual medium. It’s the burning blood and the flow of emotion and meaning.It’s so wonderful, and so is the space.Where there is people,there is space.Where there is affection, there is wine.A space for wine shows a generous gesture.Anyway,this is not enough,the mood of drinking is also a must.When we meet one who knows us well, we always drink.Drinking is a way to meet ourselves,understand others,know the world,connect with the nature and flow with time and space.
Carefree Time
Nice things are always short-lived. Whisky, clear and bright, is absolutely a nice goods. For a nice goods, we should take a suitable attitude towards it. No matter being along or joining a meeting, the focus is the relaxed and carefree moment, not the space and wine.
For LICO team, every space design is a transcendence tour of time and space, a settlement of heart, a journey of self-building. Here, CWHISKY·Haikou Flagship Store is set up as gift to the City of Coconut and the wine lovers of single malt whisky. Life is lasting and gentle in the process when we drink the strongest wine and enjoy the casual but unusual life journey.
Maybe, the truth lies in the purest dreams and the most peaceful life.

项目名称   理想生活之CWHISKY海口旗舰店
设计出品   LICO力高设计
公司网站   licogd.com
联系邮箱   licogd@163.com
完成年份   2022.07
主创设计   钟良胜
设计团队   曾颖琳、朱洋环、董华斌、骆秋月、陈国梁
摄影版权   Eric Chon 钟良胜
视频制作   千山影像 I 黄维
品牌顾问   DRD 再定义
施工单位   美和装饰
客户名称   CWHISKY
项目地址   海南省海口市美兰区滨江路
建筑面积   500 ㎡